A short note on the criticism levelled at object-oriented ontology

Now, I know that there had been a certain amount of (dismissive) marxist critique of OOO that i, honestly, haven’t paid that much attention to. I know that Alexander Galloway (or was it Cole) made some weird argument saying that OOO basically amounted to commodity fetishism, and some other dude made the more interesting point that OOO is the philosophical result of the precarisation of academia. But as far as I know no one has made the argument that OOO is a reaction to the neoliberal self. What is one of OOO:s main points is that things have being and that things have an untouchable core, an essence that is truly theirs. No matter what an object do, what relations it enter in to, its essence is intact, untouched, unequivocally its own. Following chapter three of Mirowski’s Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste, we can see that the opposite is true for the neoliberal self. No stable self, no stable identity, nothing about the self that is not up for debate, that is not the subject or object of some market. In the face of the last 30 years of neoliberal onslaught of every aspect of (Western) society, is it strange that a philosophy that adamantely defends the existence of identity and self, that there is something that is me even though I don’t know what it is, has risen and gained prominence?

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