Month: May 2014

Should be writing a test in English…

…reading this instead.


Granted, the test is supposed to be about Winter’s Bone so I’ll naturally (at least for being me) deal a whole lot with decoding expressions of class and hierarchy (especially gender roles and hierarchy). But still. It is not as fun.


Althusser Revisited!

Apparently On the Reproduction of Capitalism, the sort of Director’s Cut/Extended Version of “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” – an article/essay that I’ve found to be quite illuminating (and at the same time a bit “meh, I already know this”). Anyhoodles, the people over at have decided to make a shorts and illuminating summary/translate it from English to American. Read it.

Perhaps another note on bullshit jobs…

…but definitely a comment on Sweden today:

“Beggars do not work, it is said; but then, what is work? A navvy works by swinging a pick. An accountant works by adding up figures. A beggar works by standing out of doors in all weathers and getting varicose veins, bronchitis etc. It is a trade like any other; quite useless, of course — but, then, many reputable trades are quite useless. And as a social type a beggar compares well with scores of others. He is honest compared with the sellers of most patent medicines, high-minded compared with a Sunday newspaper proprietor, amiable compared with a hire-purchase tout-in short, a parasite, but a fairly harmless parasite. He seldom extracts more than a bare living from the community, and, what should justify him according to our ethical ideas, he pays for it over and over in suffering.”

― George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London