I Am Very Vain

A certain fascination for suits has come over me. Again. This is not new or strange, but rather something that I embrace. The thing to understand when it comes to the way I dress myself is that it mostly revolve around something, something that is not only about the clothes. A record, a movie, a book. This creates an impetus for aesthetic change. It is very straight forward. When I am in a country music phase I wear cowboy boots, when I watch Peaky Blinders (this is the case right now) I wear a grey flanell suit and a peaked cap. This in turn created a movement which lead me to think about Mad Men (suits, you know) which led me to reflect a bit about Don Draper, his sense of aesthetics and how he is not very similar at all to another well dressed liar, namely Patrick Bateman. One would think otherwise, but no. However, there are certain similarities between them too, of course.


I’ll get back to you on this.


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